Homepage of Prof. Dr. Anton Amann

  • Anton Amann is the Director of the Breath Research Institute of the Austrian Academy of Science
  • Prof. Amann is recipient of the Marie Skłodowska Curie Medal of the Polish Chemical Society (2010)
  • He was Coordinator of the EU-project BAMOD with 13 European partners (topic: breath analysis with lung carcinoma).
  • Steering committee Member of the EU-project SGL for USaR (topic: searching of entrapped persons, e.g., using gas-analytical methods)
  • Together with Prof. Mel Rosenberg (Tel Aviv) Anton Amann is Editor-in-Chief together of the Journal of Breath Research, wich is published by the Institute of Physics (IOP, Bristol, UK)
  • He is the current chairman of the International Association for Breath Research (IABR).
  • He was chairman of the conference “Breath Gas Analysis for Medical Diagnostics”, Dornbirn (2004), which resulted in the comprehensive edited book Amann A and Smith D: Breath Analysis for Clinical Diagnosis and Therapeutic Monitoring published by World Scientific (Singapore, 2005)


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